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"He was this disgusting reverend that would picket at people's funerals — people that had died of AIDS — and he was just this horrific guy that had this small following," Lake told the website. "I said: 'You know, you may be a reverend but this is still my show, get out!

What began as a grade-school itch to get on stage blossomed into a 30-year acting career, marred somewhat by struggles with weight, belligerent talk show guests, toxic criticism, and most recently the passing of her second husband, Christian Evans.

I mean one in three women are sexually assaulted in some way, so those are a lot of women that are giving birth." Lake goes on to say that past trauma, especially sexual assault, can have adverse effects later in life when a woman is giving birth.

Lake, for example, does not directly equate her abuse to her body issues, but her feelings about her body certainly played a part in her decision to have her second child, Owen, at home.

They put the divorce on hold for a year, and it finalized in 2015.

On February 17, reported, "In a letter written by Evans on Oct.

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