University of ottawa speed dating

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University of ottawa speed dating

"It is incredibly important that our actions, how we spend money, the way that we deliver programming, is based on knowledge and evidence and that we share that knowledge across the country," she said in an interview Monday.She says that will include bringing research up to date with the times, such as looking at issues like online violence.

As Lewis delved deeper into Mc Lean's collection, it became clear how important it was for it to be preserved at Mc Master alongside other creative greats, she says.

The centre will receive .5 million of the 1 million over five years the Liberal government committed to the gender-based violence strategy in the March budget, plus million a year going forward, for research, data collection and programming.

The rest of the money will be spread across several departments as part of a federal plan aimed at prevention, providing better support for survivors and helping the justice system become more responsive to the needs of those who experience sexual assault or other forms of violence.

The Liberal government is unveiling its strategy on gender-based violence today, with the bulk of the money set to create a centre of excellence within Status of Women Canada to both study and try to solve the problem.

Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef says the money will help collect and share cross-country data on gender-based violence that other levels of government and those on the front lines are unable to gather on their own.

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