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It held that people with corrected myopia (nearsightedness) are not covered by the ADA; neither is a person with hypertension controlled by medication, nor a person with monocular vision, where the brain has compensated for sight in one eye.This does not mean that all people who take medication are automatically barred from protection under this statute.For example, there have been numerous successful cases brought under the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973 recognizing that people with seizure disorders are disabled under the law.These cases recognized the stigma associated with seizure disorders and that many people with a history of epilepsy are considered disabled because of the varied nature of seizures.My son has epilepsy and was able to get SSD here in Iowa.

Congress and the courts, including the Supreme Court, have also acknowledged that fear of a person's disability can form the basis for discrimination, and epilepsy has been cited as an example of this type of discrimination.

People with seizures will need to demonstrate that, even though they are taking medications to control their conditions, they are still substantially impaired in their ability to work or perform some other daily life activity, such as mobility (e.g., driving), sleeping, self-care, reproduction.

You may also be able to show that the treatment itself causes a substantial disability, e.g., medications interfering with cognition, memory, reproduction.

The Supreme Court mentioned that just because you take medications for your condition, the condition may still be substantially limiting or you may suffer side effects from the medication which are substantially limiting.

People with epilepsy are among those Congress intended to protect with the ADA.

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I am applying for SS disability benefits, but don't know how to express in words about my seizures.