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Should we stop dating

October 2016 saw the relatively quiet launch of Conservative Review TV (CRTV), an online video subscription network that claims to be an ’, she probably didn’t have this development in mind, but she was spot on.

It’s certainly worrying how this new channel, with content so obviously full of hate, is available from none other than Amazonfire TV, (as well as other mainstream online TV providers Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV).

We could stop now, but we might see something even worse if we keep going.” And so the test does keep going.

A few moments later, James provides the stopping heuristics: we stop when 1) we’ve found a sufficiently dramatic problem; or 2) there’s no apparent variation in the behaviour of the program—the program is essentially flat-lining; or 3) the value of continuing doesn’t justify the cost.

In Robinson’s new book (real name Lennon) Mc Loughlin argues that the Quran is ‘encrypted’ (like Whats App… ) and that only he (and Robinson) can unlock it for you or ‘decrypt it’ (with their non-existent years of Islamic scholarship I presume? – a misappropriated Arabic term used by far-right Islamophobes and anti-Islam experts to sound as though they have intellectual clout.

The use of this word ‘Taqiyya’ has become a popular Islamophobic mind-poison, rendering every single Muslim on this planet as suspicious in their intent.

This, in turn, would indisputably nurture prejudice and hate crimes towards Jews.

Finally, in March 2017, Amazon stopped selling the books.

This material is Tommy Robinson’s latest book, which labels me, my family and millions of other peaceful ordinary Muslims as killers, liars, and rapists. A semi-literate felon who has never studied Islam, can't read Arabic, and never spent time in the Middle East wrote a book on "Islam." Rjg0a7v PS — CJ Werleman (@cjwerleman) July 24, 2017It’s no coincidence that Mc Loughlin isn’t a novice to Amazon, he has already been selling his controversial book ‘Easy Meat’ on there since 2016.It’s a dark development when the mainstreaming of this blatant fear-mongering is openly hosted by household names.It begs the question: was this vile content even checked before they gave the green light for this partnership?This was long overdue and Amazon should now show consistency with removing other extremist content.This guest account has been created to allow people to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas on The Muslim Vibe.

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