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But it falls well within the realm of possibility that in a community of now 3,000 registered competitors (although, not all playing this month), we are bound to attract a number of players capable of producing a good batch of alien words in a single game.

However, the only ads I allow in the game are regular banners and full-screen ads (only after the end of a game).I will make sure to remove them from the computer's vocabulary in the next update.Your feedback helps me to continually improve the game.Please note that if you'd like to get rid of the ads for good and support my work, you could buy Classic Words Plus from Google Play, or from the Amazon App Store. This means you can reinstall Classic Words™ Plus to new devices without paying for it again.Please refer to the Google Play help page for more information. This website and the Classic Words™ game are not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed or sponsored by the aforementioned companies.

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Now, to the skeptics out there, I issue you this challenge of intellectual honesty: If you were to see these words in a Words With Friends game, would you forthrightly accuse your opponent of cheating?