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Rich older men dating sites

And the other gives me a monthly allowance of £800 to £1,000.' Despite a slow start - Ali was enrolled for six months before she started getting messages - she now has 'arrangements' with two guys.One is 47 years old and the other is 32, pictured, gifts from the men She said most men are fine with this and they're mainly just looking for some female companionship. He liked the fact we have stuff in common that he and his wife didn't.'While her friends know the truth about her lavish adventures, her father just thinks she's dating. But after hearing these people's stories - their wives have passed away, they're divorced.I needed something easier but with similar pay.'Despite a slow start - the London Metropolitan pupil was enrolled for six months before she started getting messages - she now has 'arrangements' with two guys. 'Obviously the guys don't know about each other,' she joked.'One guy buys me stuff when I need it - a new dress if I'm going out, shoes, school books.I go to Venice next month and I always stay in five-star hotels.'While she understands some people might think the concept is 'creepy', she insists most of the men are just 'everyday guys'.Things are getting serious between Andrea and her 'arrangement'. 'The guy sent 10 bouquets of flowers to my house the other week but got the address wrong and they ended up at my dad's,' she said.'I don't want loads of awkward encounters, despite the money.' On her page, Andrea states that she is a ‘model and student’ who likes to ‘surf, skate, play piano, collect tattoos and party’.

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'I also spent £6,000 in Harrods on a Versace bag, a top and some shoes.

I get to do loads of stuff I could never usually afford.

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The 19-year-old student and part-time model, who is originally from Cyprus and now lives in the UK, has since had 'two proper arrangements'.

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