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The difference in your daughter is that she's open about it.

I don't know that early masturbation leads to early sexual experimentation.

I accidentally walked in on her in the bathtub the other night to find her stretched out in the tub, relaxing and the water jetting from the faucet was hitting her vulva.

When she realized I had seen what she was doing she simply just grinned at me and stated, "This feels great, Mom! " She now comes to me and ask me if she can watch certain videos (basically "chick flicks") "in private." She seems very comfortable with her newfound adventures, but I am just dying.

I don't think her behavior is anything to worry about or even all that unusual.

A sizeable number of both boys and girls engage in prepubescent masturbation.

Are you sure he's actively using it to masturbate or merely curious?

I haven't broached the issue with him as yet (I'm sure it will be difficult for us both) but he seems to be a lot more intensely interested in porn than I was at his age, so my own experience may not be that helpful in judging what's right for him.

She is a middle child (daughter 11 and a son 5), and neither of my other children (as far as I know) have even thought about this.

I think I am most afraid that experiencing these types of feelings at this age will make her want to have sex with a boy at a young age.

This is my little girl and I do not know what to say or do about this situation.

I have always tried to be very open with my kids about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc., and I am glad she feels comfortable to confide in me, but I just never imagined it would be something like masturbation and at such a young age.

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My 12 year old son has become very interested in internet porn.