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The United Cigar Store next to it on the corner of West Main and Bank Streets was one of more than 3000 located at prominent downtown locations throughout the country in the 1920s.This website/database is a copyright-protected work which is owned by CREA.Part of the contents of this website/database, including all real estate listings and related information, images and photographs (collectively, "Listing Content"), are also protected by copyright, which is owned by the CREA members who supplied the content and/or by third parties, and is reproduced in this website/database under license.By the early 1900s, Cornelius Cables had built two office buildings on Center Street, had become the owner of the Kingsbury Hotel, also on Center Street, and owned the Cables Apartment House, which stood for many years at 45 Prospect Street.Riders board the Baldwin Street C Trolley on the same corner around 1903.

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