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Posted by / 06-Aug-2017 14:15

Clare Moseley, 46, fell for Tunisian conman Mohamed Bajjar, 27, after meeting him at the migrant camp where she founded Care4Calais.

The former accountant had spoken out only last year about her charity’s zero-tolerance policy on sex between volunteers and migrants - but the pair's relationship was well-known among migrants and volunteers.

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She soon moved in with ex-market trader Bajjar, who worked as her bodyguard and translator.

A pal said: “She fell for Kimo in a big way and is now worried she could lose the charity. Migrants thought they were husband and wife.” But it all went sour earlier this month when Clare accused Bajjar of conning her after he begged her for cash to send to his family.

Bajjar, 27, was previously exposed by The Sun for posing as a Syrian refugee in the Jungle after conning a British woman to get married in Tunisia.

And earlier this month Clare, 46, dumped Bajjar, known as Kimo, fearing he had conned her out of thousands of pounds.

Hubby Benjamin found her sobbing at their £700,000 home in August 2015 — days later she had founded Care4Calais.

He married a British woman in Sousse, Tunisia, after a whirlwind romance and she paid £1,500 for his visa. Last September volunteers writing on Facebook said the Jungle was awash with prostitution, underage sex and volunteers having multiple migrant partners.

At the time Clare said Care4Calais had a zero-tolerance policy toward relationships between volunteers and migrants.

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