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My friend and I pulled up at valet parking in the front of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas.It was a warm spring evening and the sun had just begun to set behind the mountains.Sue grabbed my hand and pulled me into the casino which temporarily put my academic concerns and financial woes out of my mind.While walking through the main casino floor, I was immediately mesmerized by the myriad of flashing lights and sounds of the slot machines.

“I’m not Fred Flintstone, but I can make your bed rock! He broke my stunned silence by saying, “Do you work for UPS?It always surprised me that she got invitations through her work, because these events were fairly exclusive.I had spent the last several months listening to her rave about the last one she had attended, and she finally wore me down and I agreed to go with her.Maybe at one time, perhaps in his youth, the title of pretty boy would have fitted him perfectly, but the years had turned his boyishly handsome face into the look of a distinguished older man.“I’m James,” he said, as the bartender slid his credit card back to him, “and my fee for one rescue is a dance.” I smiled warmly at him and took his extended hand.

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