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Datingcure com

The tour saw Smith pull double duty each night by performing with the Cure and as the guitarist with the Banshees when John Mc Kay quit the group in Aberdeen.That musical experience had a strong impact on him: "On stage that first night with the Banshees, I was blown away by how powerful I felt playing that kind of music.Following the release of the album Pornography in 1982, the band's future was uncertain.Smith was keen to move past the gloomy reputation his band had acquired, introducing a greater pop sensibility into the band's music.In January 1977, following Martin Creasy's departure, and increasingly influenced by the emergence of punk rock, Malice's remaining members became known as Easy Cure after a song written by drummer Laurence Tolhurst.

Smith told the press he was fed up with the anti-image association that some considered to be "elaborately disguising their plainness", stating, "We had to get away from that anti-image thing, which we didn't even create in the first place.

There were criticisms made that it was very lightweight, and I thought they were justified.

Even when we'd made it, I wanted to do something that I thought had more substance to it".

The band's second single, "Boys Don't Cry", was released in June.

The Cure then embarked as the support band for Siouxsie and the Banshees' Join Hands promotional tour of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales between August and October.

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The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976.