Dating services in lehigh valley pa

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Dating services in lehigh valley pa

In the morning, the owner returned to find the ghost hunter's equipment, but the ghost hunter was never seen afterwards.there are complaints of a shadow to walk up and down the stairwells mostly on the second floor stairways!Apparently in the early part of the century a couple was married and was heading to the hotel at the lookout for their honeymoon.I know nothing of the father chasing them which is related to the Ebensburg tale you have given.The ghost of a young woman walks down this street late at night near the area where the old Hess's building had been.It is said she was struck and killed by a car when she attempted to cross the street during the 60's.The road heading up to the Wopsy Lookout (as it is known hereabouts) is now Juniata Gap road in Altoona.

Both were apparently killed but the body of the husband was never recovered.It is also said that when you are leaving you will see the gardeners ghost sitting on the steps of the church by the cemetery. This Spirit has said that 'he' is cold and forever in the confines of this building.I do not know the Culmerville Hotel history: date built and original purpose.One student took a picture of the tree and a face of an old man appeared in the image. A woman and young child can be seen in the basement, along with a man wearing Revolutionary War type clothing.By an employee's account, a ghost hunter asked to spend the night alone there once.

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