Dating mr darcy by sarah arthur

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Dating mr darcy by sarah arthur

His first client is Barney Spitz, a pop music promoter who wants Ken to dress up in an old fireman's uniform and star in a pop video!Stephen Rea [ Frank Warren ], Gregor Fisher [ Tom Mc Geary ], Irene Marot [ Mrs Brandon ], Jack Klaff [ Peter Brandon ], Walter Mc Monagle [ Mr Fowler ], Carol Harvey [ Sue Warren ], Kevin Jukes [ Pat ], Jon Gaunt [ Jerry ], Mary Nutall [ Young Woman ], Simon Watkins [ Large Man ], Barry Ewart [ Alf ], Mark Billingham [ Policeman ], Pearl Chick [ Shopkeeper ], Alan Granton [ Workman ] Frederick Warder [ Arturo Sandini ], Shirin Taylor [ Elena Sandini ], Terence Harvey [ Wadsworth ], Raymond Mason [ Bridgman ], Michael Gunn [ Steve ], Chris Fulford [ Andy ], Sadie Hamilton [ Bobbie ], Brefni Mc Kenna [ Mike ], Alfred Fagon [ Walton ], Julia Tipton [ Girl in Printer's ], Alton Douglas [ 1st Plumber ], Dale Bayford [ 2nd Plumber ], Brian Portsmouth [ Policeman ] Elena and Arturo Sandini (aka Helen and Arthur Sanders) run a circus lion-taming show.Patterson and Ibrahim catch them locked in passionate embrace, so Billy thinks quickly and introduces Gloria as his wife. Acting on a hunch, Ken follows Billy to The Ponderosa and finds him giving an impromptu football lesson to the lads who destroyed his greenhouse.However after a malicious phone call, Rhoma, Billy's real wife, comes down by train from Glasgow and interrupts dinner at The Grand, accusing billy of having yet another affair. Ken manages to convince Billy to turn up at the charity match.They have knocked over the trays of flowers, turned on the water and flooded the place. The boys have a whip-round and present Ken with the proceeds: just a few pence - "Not enough to buy a plant-pot", as Ken comments.

Sneh Gupta [ Surinder Kaur ], Gurdial Sira [ Narain Singh ], Tanveer Ghani [ Ranjit Singh ], Omar Salimi [ Balbir Singh ], Badi Uzzaman [ Surinder's Father ], Donald Sumpter [ Jack Evans ], Chrissie Coterill [ Shirley ], Dave Atkins [ Ben Gibbs ], Roger Walker [ Les Rickett ], Russll Kilminster [ Mr Casey ], Andy Bradford [ Van Driver ], Steve Lucock [ Teenage Biker ], Simon Crane [ Car Thief ], Sean Mc Cabe [ Car Thief ] Ken falls off his bike while he is riding along a snowy country lane.Wally describes Billy as "just an alcoholic playboy". Back at The Grand, Ethel and Doreen persuade Rhoma to give Billy one more chance.It emerges that Patterson had phoned Gloria and said that Billy wanted to see her; he then tipped-off Rhoma.Harry organises a press conference at The Grand, where Billy will be staying.Billy is a notorious alcoholic, so his manager, Peter Grant, asks Ken to act as his minder and prevent him from drinking.

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But what has caused Sidney to lose his memory in the first place? Then Ken and Doreen hear strange sounds from the boat's cargo hold.