Dating customs in sudan

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Dating customs in sudan

1) The Authority upon receipt of license application for any project, shall within maximum period of one week, grant initial approval for the establishment of the project, if the project satisfied all prescribed conditions.

The applicant for a license may appeal to the Council against not resolving or rejection of his application, t provided that the council should resolve on the appeal within a period not exceeding one month from the date of receiving the application. Utilization or sale of any of the machines, equipment or specialized conveyance and its ancillaries against which concessions have been granted, to any object other than the licensed object, whenever all legally due obligations are met. Perform the project by construction of the building and the required facilities as per drawings approved by the competent authorities within a maximum period of one year of the date of signing the contract, unless such period has been extended pursuant to a decision issued by the Authority, for any period it deems suitable. To provide annually, the Authority and the concerned ministry throughout the validity period of the concession, with copies of the projects annual accounts certified by chartered auditor, and the Authority shall deposit a copy of these accounts with Chamber of Tax. The Assets and properties of the project shall not be subject to nationalization, seizure, confiscation or appropriation either wholly or partially, except for public interest against fair and immediate compensation. Re- transmission of invested capital in case of non-execution, liquidation or disposition of the project by any manner of disposition with the approval of the Authority, provided that all legally due obligations are met. Re- export , sale or assigning machines , equipments , goods, apparatus, transport conveyances or other ancillaries imported on the account of the project in case of non-execution of the project wholly or partially whenever all legally due obligations are met. Transfer of profits and financing cost of foreign capital or loans in the currency by which Central Bank of Sudan deals or the loan on maturity date, after payment of all legally due obligations of the project.

Licensing investment applications and process review all transactions of the projects, , granting licenses and concessions, issuing decisions in co-ordination with concerned authorities according to the general policy.

The Chairman of the Authority shall be a member and secretary of the Council, and shall arrange preparatory materials for the business of the Council and shall be accountable to the Council for its management; and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing.

The Authority shall have jurisdiction and executive powers required to achieve the objects of this Act , and without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing, it shall have the following jurisdiction and powers : g.d) Capital in kind or any other property rights, like mortgages , stakes, shares , debentures , or any type of sharing , equipments, machines , apparatus, materials and other requirements, conveyances imported locally or from abroad for construction, operation or renovation or rehabilitation or extension as per law prescribing such acts.e) Intellectual property rights which includes copyright and neighbouring rights , trademarks, patents , industrial designs used in the project , provided that such rights satisfied protection conditions in accordance with the related law, and owned by the investor or licensed for its utilization .4) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other Law, all proceedings related to the provision of services to the investor shall be handled through one –stop gate system, including payment of fees against such services. Initial approval, for establishing the project based on technical, economical, environmental and social feasibility study, through the commissioner of one- stop gate system in the Authority as per the period of time fixed thereto. Customs duty on capital expenditures which are not enrolled in custom tariff, in coordination with the concerned ministry, provided that exemption for state investment project shall be made upon recommendation of the state minister to the Chairman of the Authority .2) Production inputs of investment projects, not enrolled in customs duty tariff shall be subject to the same rate imposed on production inputs provided for in customs duty tariff as determined by the regulations.

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