Dating a work aholic tips on dating a man from morocco

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Dating a work aholic

Avoiding Home: Aside from cases where a person is holding down multiple jobs and living check to check to pay the bills, avoiding what’s going on at home is the most common motivation for the workaholic.

Whether she’s staying at work because she’s been fighting with him at home, or he works until late at night because he feels little connection to her anymore at home, avoiding home is a serious problem that both partners need to address.

Check out the ways below and see if any of them apply to you and your love life.

Social Time: Not only do you miss out on crucial bonding time with your partner by working too much, but you also miss out on socializing with your partner and friends together.

Eating well is an important activity that makes you feel emotionally grounded and physically nourished.

If you’re working too much and not working out regularly, you’re going to feel less positive about your body, which may make you want to have sex less frequently.Many workaholics stay at work because they feel they get more attention from people at work than at home or in their social life.Need for Approval: More than any of us would like to believe, we all have at least a tiny part of us that seeks approval from others.However, it’s critical for someone who loves their work so much to explain their needs at the outset of a new relationship.For example, let’s consider someone like Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder.

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This type of socialization is extremely important because your social circle is your support network, and you only receive the benefits of social support if you put in the effort and truly develop these relationships.

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