Chemisty dating

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Chromatography is a technique used to separate mixtures.They have a stationary phase (solid or liquid supported on a solid) and a mobile phase (liquid or gas).In this joke, when life gives you C6H8O7 (citric acid/lemon juice), add H2O (water) and C12H22O11 (and table sugar/sucrose) to make lemonade. An Erlenmeyer flask (conical flask) is a type of laboratory glassware that is flat-bottomed and has a narrow neck.Posted On Oct 4th 2016 Florence Flask was preparing to attend the opera. A joule (J) is a unit of energy which denotes the energy transferred to an object when a force of one newton acts on that object in the direction of its motion through a distance of one meter.Drop the “bass” refers to bass in music and is a common term among hip-hop and rap artists.

Water is a polar molecule, because hydrogen is positive, and water is negative.

In a famine, a populace is provided rations, and in this joke, the chemist receives titrations.

Instead of remaining nitrogen (“night”rogen), it becomes “day”trogen when the sun rises.

The man seeking help for his chemistry test is asking the other man to help him identify elements and compounds by their abbreviations.

The two are bantering back and forth, the first man oblivious to the fact that the second is giving him actual answers.

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This kit includes all of the components from CHEM C2000, plus dozens of additional tools and chemicals.