Brittany paige bouck dating

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Brittany paige bouck dating

Air Bud: World Pup, the second sequel to the 1997 sleeper hit, moved the family franchise to the world of video premieres when it went straight to VHS and DVD back in December of 2000.

But fear not, the gang's North Pole ally will keep the chatter alive in November's holiday prequel The Search for Santa Paws.She ordinarily prefers sci-fi, but I think she appreciates the goodies that have become a staple of Disney's Air Bud re-releases.As on the two antecedent Special Editions, the tangible bonus requires atypical packaging to accommodate it.The boy in the rear cover's photograph (shown above) seems utterly pleased to display it.To see if his enthusiasm was real, I turned to the youngest resident I could easily find: my 15-year-old cat.

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Kevin Zegers (Josh Framm), Caitlin Wachs (Andrea Framm), Brittany Paige Bouck (Emma Putter), Martin Ferrero (Snerbert), Miguel Sandoval (Coach Montoya), Duncan Regehr (Geoffrey Putter), Don Mc Millan (Will Webster III), Dale Midkiff (Patrick Sullivan), Brandi Chastain (Herself), Briana Scurry (Herself), Tisha Venturini (Herself), Chilton Crane (Jackie Framm), Shayne Solberg (Tom), Chantal Strand (Tammy), Fred Keating (Coach Jack Sterns), Patricia Idlette (Mrs.

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