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Symbolized by the scales, Libra is always looking for balance.

With an airy personality, those under this sign like to be in the company of others not for the sake of gain or attention, but purely to be surrounded by others. Those under this sign like to test the boundaries of relationships and see where the scales begin to tip. As with any air sign, the winds do not always blow softly; sometimes a storm will be brewing.

She may not stress over deadlines or clamor to get your approval. Harness her skills of mediation for tricky negotiations, training sessions, or bringing together the top minds in your company.

The Aries man likes to be the one in the center of the room. The Libra is the one working the party, making sure she is not missing out on the most interesting conversations. Aries is a mild pessimist while Libra is a mild optimist.

As the boss of an Aries man, work to give him his space to be creative.

If you let him lead, guiding him subtly along the way, he will enjoy the position of confidence and work to excel.

Symbolized by the ram, Aries is very headstrong and moves in their own chosen direction.

The two complement each other and bring something special to the relationship.

Aries likes to be off for adventure and likes to lead the way.

On the positive side, Libra is a mild extrovert and mild optimist.

Libra, ruled by Venus, has a touch of femininity and likes to help things to grow.

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An Aries man has an adventurous side, likes to lead new and exciting projects, and moves forward with confidence.

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